Saturday, January 17, 2009

What I have Been Up to...

It has been snowing, blowing and COLD out this week! I had a trunk show at the Westfield Quilt Guild that was small, but very nice. It was wonderful that some of them came to see me even in the bad weather. Thank You Ladies.

I pieced the next block for Foolish Goose Tracks and got the directions done. Here is a peek...(no trying to figure it out Penny!)

Real easy, huh!

The ladies on Quilt Chat have inspired me to pull out some projects that have been put away. So I found this project, in a bag (I am sure none of you do that), it was cut and ready to sew. I got the first set of blocks done and 1 of the second. Here they are...

Have you ever had seen something and just knew you wanted to do it...eventually? I feel that way about a Grandma's Flower Garden. I ordered pieces from the english paper piecing web site and have started my version. I couldn't make a traditional one...oh noooo that would be too easy. So I am doing something a little different. I plan on making this Queen size when it's all said and done. I figure it will take 4995 pieces! And yes, I am doing it by hand. I have set a goal and want to be done with the top in 2009. We shall see how that goes. :)

Happy Quilting!

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