Monday, January 26, 2009

New This Week...

I have been debating on posting a new picture of step 3, which I have completed. It seems a few followers would like to figure out the math ahead of time instead of wait for me to post. This poses a question...why should I bother to do the work if you all are going to do it for me! LOL So now I don't know if I should post what I have been working on and have you do it through the whole project...hummmm. Such a quandry. I have decided to post it though, because not all of you will try and draft your own, so here is what step 3 will look like.

I also finished writing all the patterns and the teachers guide for "Piece Your Heart Out Sampler". It turned out really nice. The Sewing Loft in Union City will have an unvieling on Super Bowl Sunday. I will try and get some pictures of that. Until then...Happy Quilting!

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