Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brought New Stash Home and...

I went to the Quilt Shop in Lockport, NY and Kenmore, NY today. I had a list of what I needed for upcoming projects, and am VERY proud to say that I didn't come home with anything other than what I need for these future patterns. We didn't get back home until 4pm. I made dinner and then headed right upstairs to play! :) Here is what I came up with so far,

I don't like the white eyelet at the arms, so I am going to have to come up with something different. This one was actually my husbands idea. Something to hold recipes in. I think it will be cute once it is quilted and buttons are put on. We shall see. Have a good night.
Happy Quilting!

1 Down...

The "Pockets Full of Love-Wedding" wallhanging is finished! The Glitz came in the mail yesterday and I spent most of my night glitzing away. For those of you who don't know what Glitz is, it is a type of gem that has a glue on the back. You use a wand (looks almost like a soidering (sp) iron) to heat the glue and make it stick. You need to hold it over each gem for about 10 - 12 seconds each. Did I mention that there are 210 on my wallhanging! That is 2,520 seconds, so about 42 minutes if you didn't take any breaks AND if you were really quick about picking up the little buggers and getting them into place! Needless to say it took me most of the night :)

I am off in a little while to go to Heartland Quilt Shop in Lockport, NY. I need to pick up a quilt of mine for a couple of trunk shows coming up. And of course to look for fabric. I sketched out two new "Pockets Full of Love" last night and need supplies. So I will post more if I find what I am looking for. Till then...
Happy Quilting! (even you Tiff)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Very Productive Day!

What a good day! I hope this is a sign of the New Year to come. I got up early (not a morning person) and managed to write the full pattern for the "Pockets Full of Love-Wedding" in one sitting. That never happens! But for some reason it did today. Now all I need is a cover shot. I can't get that until I finish glitzing it, and I can't finish glitzing until the glitz shows up in the mail! So that is on hold at the moment...but so close.

We then went out the IL's farm and took pictures of "Taylors Tulips". I didn't have a place big enough to take the shots at my house since it is a large quilt. We took some shots in the barn with it hanging from the loft and then took it insides and tried a few on my IL's bed. I don't think my DML wanted to give it back! :) Here are some of those shots.

There were so many more, but you get the point. I am going to use the bedroom one for my cover. For some reason it is my favorite even with that color of paint on the walls! :)
Came home after that and finished condensing "Taylor's Tulips" pattern from the 6 month individual patterns to 1 full pattern. That was alot more time consuming than I thought.
Once that was done I cut out and sewed the First installment of the new BOM that starts Jan. 15th. Here is that block.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here's to good friends and great health in 2009!

I thought I would share a picture of our tree even though it's past Christmas. I wanted to show off my DH handy work. He put up the tree this year. And even added his special touch!
Nice ornament, huh! ;) Gotta love him. He did decorate it after all.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Stipple Gone Awry!

I try, I really do. I need to finish my projects. Spring Quilt Market is 133 days and counting away, so I need to finish new things to have a nice showing! All I needed to do was quilt my Wedding wallhanging. Nothing big. Should have been a quick, piece of cake finish. I don't know what happened?!! I sit down at the sewing machine and my brain shut down, but the hands took over and kept on moving. This is what I have ended up with!

Now I ask you, does this look quick! Here is my problem, I love to doddle with free-motion. I don't think I could do a large meander if my life depended on it. So I just made my job more complecated than I had to! I will make sure to post the finishe project when it's done.

I better think about heading to bed...but Burning the Midnight Oil is what I am know for.

Till Next time...Happy quilting!

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