Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here is the new BOM that I am working on for my website.

Store Front Pic.

I Haven't had a chance to post in a while. I think things have calmed down enough to get back to it! Here is s picture of the Store Front :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Store Hours

Audrey has asked about store hours. Here they are:
Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri: 10 am - 6pm
Wed: 10 am - 7 pm
Sat: 10 am - 5 pm

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My signs and Graphics for the store got put up today!! Yeah

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi everyone,

It has been so long since I posted! Getting ready for my first Quilt Market and opening a store at the same time was a bit nuts!! But so far so good. Quilt Market was quite large..Wow is all I can say. I will post some pics later. I thought I would post some pics of what was the hottest gadgets that the vendors were showing there.

New Bobbin Tower

New Thimbles. The leather one nice and comfortable.
The new silicone one is light and clings to your finger. Will stretch around your nuckle.

Simplicity's new binding machine. Plugs in. Automatically feeds fabric, heats and presses. Make multiple sizes of double sided binding. The Quilt Binding attachment is coming soon.

Simplicity's Rotary Cutting Machine. Plugs in. Automaticly feeds and cuts fabric into strips.

Ever use the "Angler"? This is very similar except it is a cling instead of plastic. Definately will those half square triangles easier. No marking or papers! Works on any machine.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drum roll please!

Hi everyone,
It has been awhile since I posted last. I figured I better let you in on why that is. I have been busy getting ready for Spring Quilt Market. That is in Pittsburgh this spring, pretty darn close to home. So I have been working on a few new things to show.
I have also had a change in my job situation. I found that I really didn't have one anymore. Not in the true sense of the word. So after much thought and consideration, and tons of encouragement from DH and family. Burning The Midnight Oil Quilts will be getting a store front. The Grand Opening will be on June 6th! So come and see me.
8845 Wattsburg Rd. (Rt. 8) Suite #2
Erie, Pa. 16509
Here are a couple of Block of the Months that I will be doing in the near future. I will be offering these kits as an online program also. Let me know if you are interested so I can order plenty of fabric.
I will also be doing the "Piece You Heart Out Sampler" an original design by me. I will be using Civil War fabrics for the kits.
Email me if you have any questions about the BOM programs.
Keep checking back to see how the store is progressing!!
Until then...Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Color Me Silly Class

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would share some photos from my Color Me Silly Class at the North East Crazy Quilters. It was such a fun class! It is alway exciting to see how everyones quilts come together and the different fabrics that each person chooses. Here are the photos! :)

Judy H.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What I have Been Up to This Week

It has been awhile since I last posted!! I can't believe how time flies when you are having fun. I have done a few trunk shows and classes, I will post pics later. But here is what I have been working on the last couple of days. I think he is turning out sooo cute! Still need to do the hand embroidery and quilt him. And then write the pattern, but I had to share!

I have finished quilting, glitzing and writing the Poinsettia one. I will post photos later. Still need to get the bow tied just right. I hate that part. The latest installment for the online BOM just got uploaded this weekend too. And I designed a new quilt for Blank Textiles. I will post the link as soon as it is up. Other than that, not too much to show. A lot of boring things as I get ready for spring quilt market...58 DAYS!!! Talk to you all soon.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Nice Super Bowl!

I spent the first part of Super Bowl Sunday in one of my favorite spots...A Quilt store of course! I went to The Sewing Loft in Union City, Pa. They were having a Super Bowl Sale, a Soup tasting and an impromtu Trunk Show. It was so much fun. And I still made it home in time for Pizza and the game!

The Sewing Loft showed off thier quilt for my "Piece Your Heart Out Sampler" that I designed. They are doing it in two color ways. The one that is finished was done in Thimbleberries and the blocks that are on display are done in 30's fabrics. I thought you might like to see some pics.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New This Week...

I have been debating on posting a new picture of step 3, which I have completed. It seems a few followers would like to figure out the math ahead of time instead of wait for me to post. This poses a question...why should I bother to do the work if you all are going to do it for me! LOL So now I don't know if I should post what I have been working on and have you do it through the whole project...hummmm. Such a quandry. I have decided to post it though, because not all of you will try and draft your own, so here is what step 3 will look like.

I also finished writing all the patterns and the teachers guide for "Piece Your Heart Out Sampler". It turned out really nice. The Sewing Loft in Union City will have an unvieling on Super Bowl Sunday. I will try and get some pictures of that. Until then...Happy Quilting!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What I have Been Up to...

It has been snowing, blowing and COLD out this week! I had a trunk show at the Westfield Quilt Guild that was small, but very nice. It was wonderful that some of them came to see me even in the bad weather. Thank You Ladies.

I pieced the next block for Foolish Goose Tracks and got the directions done. Here is a peek...(no trying to figure it out Penny!)

Real easy, huh!

The ladies on Quilt Chat have inspired me to pull out some projects that have been put away. So I found this project, in a bag (I am sure none of you do that), it was cut and ready to sew. I got the first set of blocks done and 1 of the second. Here they are...

Have you ever had seen something and just knew you wanted to do it...eventually? I feel that way about a Grandma's Flower Garden. I ordered pieces from the english paper piecing web site and have started my version. I couldn't make a traditional one...oh noooo that would be too easy. So I am doing something a little different. I plan on making this Queen size when it's all said and done. I figure it will take 4995 pieces! And yes, I am doing it by hand. I have set a goal and want to be done with the top in 2009. We shall see how that goes. :)

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nice Day for a Show

Calico Patch hosted a reception for me. Here are a couple of pictures.

And then I came home and got the borders on the Poinsettia wallhanging.

Better get back to work. Until Next time...Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Project

I just finished a wall hanging. It wasn't the one I thought I would finish first, thought I would finish the poinsettia one first. But I got on a roll with this here it is.
I will try and get to the poinsettia one tomorrow. Have a good night.

What I have Been Up to This Week

There hasn't been too much to show you for this last week, until now. The first part of the week was mainly working on the computer. Doing paper work, fine tuning some older patterns and writing some of the newest ones. But now I have gotten to sew!

Here is what I worked on at work. First was a quick Charm Square Runner from Anika's Treasures.

Then I made The "You Go Girl" Bag from Tammy Tad Designs. It doesn't look like much hanging there, but this bag is HUGE! I wanted a big bag to take to guild with my show and tell in it, and my friend Cheryl made me one! I decided to make one for the store. Still needs a button.

And for my personal sewing. I know we just finished the holidays, but I don't have anything Christmas to show when I go to Market (124 days). So Here is what I started last night. Actually I started two things when I realized I need ribbon for this one! But I only have the one picutre right now. The bottom half will have the pocket and the centers will be glitzed.
I will show you all more as I get things done. Until then...
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Couldn't Leave It Alone

After looking at the pictures that I put up, I decided I couldn't keep the white eyelet on the apron. It blended too good. You couldn't see it next to the white background. So I tore it apart, made a ruffle with fabric and put it back together. I think it looks better now! Now I can go to bed and not have it on my mind. Good-night.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brought New Stash Home and...

I went to the Quilt Shop in Lockport, NY and Kenmore, NY today. I had a list of what I needed for upcoming projects, and am VERY proud to say that I didn't come home with anything other than what I need for these future patterns. We didn't get back home until 4pm. I made dinner and then headed right upstairs to play! :) Here is what I came up with so far,

I don't like the white eyelet at the arms, so I am going to have to come up with something different. This one was actually my husbands idea. Something to hold recipes in. I think it will be cute once it is quilted and buttons are put on. We shall see. Have a good night.
Happy Quilting!

1 Down...

The "Pockets Full of Love-Wedding" wallhanging is finished! The Glitz came in the mail yesterday and I spent most of my night glitzing away. For those of you who don't know what Glitz is, it is a type of gem that has a glue on the back. You use a wand (looks almost like a soidering (sp) iron) to heat the glue and make it stick. You need to hold it over each gem for about 10 - 12 seconds each. Did I mention that there are 210 on my wallhanging! That is 2,520 seconds, so about 42 minutes if you didn't take any breaks AND if you were really quick about picking up the little buggers and getting them into place! Needless to say it took me most of the night :)

I am off in a little while to go to Heartland Quilt Shop in Lockport, NY. I need to pick up a quilt of mine for a couple of trunk shows coming up. And of course to look for fabric. I sketched out two new "Pockets Full of Love" last night and need supplies. So I will post more if I find what I am looking for. Till then...
Happy Quilting! (even you Tiff)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Very Productive Day!

What a good day! I hope this is a sign of the New Year to come. I got up early (not a morning person) and managed to write the full pattern for the "Pockets Full of Love-Wedding" in one sitting. That never happens! But for some reason it did today. Now all I need is a cover shot. I can't get that until I finish glitzing it, and I can't finish glitzing until the glitz shows up in the mail! So that is on hold at the moment...but so close.

We then went out the IL's farm and took pictures of "Taylors Tulips". I didn't have a place big enough to take the shots at my house since it is a large quilt. We took some shots in the barn with it hanging from the loft and then took it insides and tried a few on my IL's bed. I don't think my DML wanted to give it back! :) Here are some of those shots.

There were so many more, but you get the point. I am going to use the bedroom one for my cover. For some reason it is my favorite even with that color of paint on the walls! :)
Came home after that and finished condensing "Taylor's Tulips" pattern from the 6 month individual patterns to 1 full pattern. That was alot more time consuming than I thought.
Once that was done I cut out and sewed the First installment of the new BOM that starts Jan. 15th. Here is that block.

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