Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi everyone,

It has been so long since I posted! Getting ready for my first Quilt Market and opening a store at the same time was a bit nuts!! But so far so good. Quilt Market was quite large..Wow is all I can say. I will post some pics later. I thought I would post some pics of what was the hottest gadgets that the vendors were showing there.

New Bobbin Tower

New Thimbles. The leather one nice and comfortable.
The new silicone one is light and clings to your finger. Will stretch around your nuckle.

Simplicity's new binding machine. Plugs in. Automatically feeds fabric, heats and presses. Make multiple sizes of double sided binding. The Quilt Binding attachment is coming soon.

Simplicity's Rotary Cutting Machine. Plugs in. Automaticly feeds and cuts fabric into strips.

Ever use the "Angler"? This is very similar except it is a cling instead of plastic. Definately will those half square triangles easier. No marking or papers! Works on any machine.

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