Friday, January 9, 2009

What I have Been Up to This Week

There hasn't been too much to show you for this last week, until now. The first part of the week was mainly working on the computer. Doing paper work, fine tuning some older patterns and writing some of the newest ones. But now I have gotten to sew!

Here is what I worked on at work. First was a quick Charm Square Runner from Anika's Treasures.

Then I made The "You Go Girl" Bag from Tammy Tad Designs. It doesn't look like much hanging there, but this bag is HUGE! I wanted a big bag to take to guild with my show and tell in it, and my friend Cheryl made me one! I decided to make one for the store. Still needs a button.

And for my personal sewing. I know we just finished the holidays, but I don't have anything Christmas to show when I go to Market (124 days). So Here is what I started last night. Actually I started two things when I realized I need ribbon for this one! But I only have the one picutre right now. The bottom half will have the pocket and the centers will be glitzed.
I will show you all more as I get things done. Until then...
Happy Quilting!

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