Thursday, January 1, 2009

Very Productive Day!

What a good day! I hope this is a sign of the New Year to come. I got up early (not a morning person) and managed to write the full pattern for the "Pockets Full of Love-Wedding" in one sitting. That never happens! But for some reason it did today. Now all I need is a cover shot. I can't get that until I finish glitzing it, and I can't finish glitzing until the glitz shows up in the mail! So that is on hold at the moment...but so close.

We then went out the IL's farm and took pictures of "Taylors Tulips". I didn't have a place big enough to take the shots at my house since it is a large quilt. We took some shots in the barn with it hanging from the loft and then took it insides and tried a few on my IL's bed. I don't think my DML wanted to give it back! :) Here are some of those shots.

There were so many more, but you get the point. I am going to use the bedroom one for my cover. For some reason it is my favorite even with that color of paint on the walls! :)
Came home after that and finished condensing "Taylor's Tulips" pattern from the 6 month individual patterns to 1 full pattern. That was alot more time consuming than I thought.
Once that was done I cut out and sewed the First installment of the new BOM that starts Jan. 15th. Here is that block.


  1. I am telling mom you dont like the color of her bedroom!!!

  2. Heather what size are the nine patch blocks?
    I love the TT quilting.

  3. Hi Heather, I found your blog of the month today and I think I really like it and I am going to join the fun and make it with ya!

    Great design! Thanks for sharing it with me!
    I'am also going to follow your blog!



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